Barracuda Lake

„The craziest dive site in the Philippines.“
This spectacular dive starts with some challenging mountain climbing in full diving equipment over sharp limestone cliffs. We do wear tennis Barraguda Lakeshoes or sandals and carry our fins strapped to our tank. The climb only takes 10-15 minutes and the exertion is worth it. The scenery around the lake is
spectacular and the underwater terrain has been likened to flying over the surface of the moon. The top 4 meters is warm fresh water. Below 4 meters the water is salt. There are dynamic changes of water temperature in the lake with temperatures ranging from 28 to 38 Celsius. You can even see the thermoclines at 4 and 14 meters. At 34 to 35 meters the water changes from crystal clear to tea brown due to the tannic acid in the leaves that fell into the lake. After cooking and boiling, you will meet the „king of the lake.“ It is a barracuda approximately 1.5m long that likes to guide divers around his domain. It is a good chance for underwater photographers to get a close-up of the big barracuda. A dive that you should not miss!

Location: North end of Coron Island.

Max depth: 35 meters. Recommended certification level: Open Water Diver.

Akitsushima Barracuda Lake Cathedral Cave East Tangat Gunboat Ekkai Maru
Irako Kogyo Maru Kyokuzan Maru Lusong Gunboat Nanshin Maru
Okikawa Maru Olympia Maru Skeleton Wreck