Kyokuzan Maru

Japanischer Frachter, ungefähr 160 – 180 meter lang

Location: Northeast of Busuanga Island. Due to its distance from Coron this wreck is dived by a one hour jeepney ride to the north end of Busuanga and transferring to a rented dive boat. This is done as an all-day trip for two dives on the Kyokuzan Maru.

This is a beautiful wreck dive experience. More or less intact, this huge sunken ship usually offers good visibility of about 20 meters and ideal diving conditions. Japanese staff cars and Kyokuzantrucks can be found in the cargo rooms.

Max depth: 40 meters on the bottom. The deck level lies between 22 and 28 meters. Recommended certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver, Wreck Diver Specialty.

This dive is best when made while breathing 36% Nitrox for a 75% increase in allowable bottom time.

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