Skeleton Wreck

This wreck is the keel, ribs and stringers of a steel-hulled boat about 25 meters long. Location: Northwest corner of Coron Island.

Skeleton6This wreck was beached with the bow a dozen meters from Coron Island. The stern points directly away from the island. The wreck slopes along the reef from 5 meters deep at the bow to 22 meters at the stern.
A pass through on the starboard side of the hull at 14 meters allows you to swim from the inside of the boat out over the coral reef.

Max depth: 22 meters on the bottom. Slopes from 7 to 22 meters. Recommended certification level: Skin Diver, Open Water Diver.

This dive is best when made while breathing 36% Nitrox for a 75% increase in allowable bottom time.

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